Hi, there!  My name is Alisha!  I’m the author and creator of Good Soil Blog.  I’m a spirited 26-year-old, living in a tiny town about an hour west of Asheville, NC called Sylva – Right in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains.  You’ll find me spending most of my time outside with my two dogs and fiancé, Phil (pictured above).  I graduated from Western Carolina University in 2013, and have been very slowly figuring out this thing called life ever since.  After three jobs in three different industries, two cities, and one giant hand full of hard-learned lessons later, I’m starting to find my footing.  You can read more about me here.

The name Good Soil Blog came from the idea that plants and vegetables need good, nutritious soil to grow successfully.  Healthy soil yields healthy crops.  This is an analogy to our own lives.  In order to evolve into healthy and happy human beings, we too must have a strong foundation.  I want this site to be the soil you need to grow.  I hope you are encouraged, inspired, and even have a little fun while you’re here.



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