Friday Favorites

Charleston 4

Hi, guys.  I’m tired today.  This week has been rough.  Could y’all say a little prayer for me and send good vibes my way?  Thanks so much.

What are you up to this weekend?  Phil and I are meeting up with his parents at the Biltmore Estate for lunch and to take a tour of the house.  We’ve been many times, but it truly never gets old.

Hope you have a great one, and here’s some of my favorite links from around the web this week…

01.  Lovely, Nameless Feelings.

02.  A cozy and affordable vest.

03.  Love this cute cocktail wall décor.

04.  What a neat idea.

05.  How great is this mug?  Would make a great gift for my sarcastic best friends.

06.  Heard this book is great.

07.  Grilled salmon with avocado bruschetta.  Yum!

Also, in case you missed it on the blog this week…


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