Charleston Weekend

Hello!  How’s it going, dear friend?  I travelled to Charleston, SC this past weekend to visit my friend, Megan, who’s attending law school there.  It was a gorgeous weekend, staying sunny and in the mid to high 60s the entire time.  Today, I thought I’d do a quick recap and share a few photos from my visit.

Charleston 11

My friend Molly and I drove down on Friday afternoon, arriving at Megan’s apartment around 4:30.  We were all starving at this point, so we freshened up and headed to King Street to eat dinner.  Megan took us to JohnKing Bar & Grill, a funky little joint that had the most amazing burgers!  I ordered the classic burger with fries.  It was delicious!

After dinner, we headed to Stars Rooftop Bar & Grill for a few cocktails on the rooftop bar.  It was dark out by this time in the evening and was starting to get chilly, so we didn’t get to see the view.  They had part of the bar enclosed from the cold and surrounded by space heaters, so we were comfortable despite the chilly temperature.  I would love to go back during the day when the weather warms up a bit to see the view!  It seems like a fun place to hang out with friends on a warm spring or summer day.  Also, I highly recommend the Stars’ Frozen Bellini!


The next morning we ate brunch at one of the hippest restaurants I’ve ever been to!  Molly and I were mesmerized by how beautifully decorated the entire space was.  The photos I took don’t do it justice.

Charleston 9

Charleston 7

I ordered the goat cheeseburger with fries, coffee, and the $5 Bloody Mary special.  My burger was slightly undercooked and I wasn’t that impressed by the bloody, but the service was great and it’s definitely a place I would try again.

Charleston 8

After brunch, we soaked up the beautiful weather and walked down King Street to Charleston City Market, through Waterfront Park, along Rainbow Row, and then back up King Street.   I think we ended up walking about five miles that day!

P.S. On our walk back through King Street, I finally gave in and bought this bag I’d been eyeing for a while in the Madewell store.

Charleston 6

Charleston 5

Charleston 4

Charleston 3

Charleston 12

All the walking made us tired, so we went back to Megan’s apartment to rest before heading to dinner.

It just so happened to be Restaurant Week in Charleston on this particular weekend, so we decided to take part.  We went to Coast Bar & Grill, where they were running a 3 for $35 Restaurant Week special.  I got clam chowder for my first course, the surf and turf for my second course, and a dark chocolate mousse with strawberry sauce for my third course.  I also tried their yummy blood orange margarita!  Everything was so good, especially for that price!

Charleston 2

We ate so much food that we didn’t have the energy to go out and do anything afterwards, so we went back to Megan’s place, watched a movie, and called it an early night!  I’m glad we did because I had good energy for the long drive back the following day.

Charleston 1

Before we hit the road, we grabbed a quick breakfast from Callie’s Hot Little Biscuits.  I’d never been before and, boy, was it good!  I ordered the sausage, egg, and pimento cheese biscuit with scrambled eggs and fiery style.  The biscuit itself was likely the best I’ve ever had.  The location on King Street is tiny so I recommended taking your order somewhere else to eat.

It was such a relaxing weekend and I’m so glad I went!  I can’t wait to take advantage of Megan’s new home this spring and summer because she only lives about 10 minutes from the beach!



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