Change of Plans


(Photo of our front yard during the big snow we got two weeks ago)

Hey, friends.  My great aunt passed away yesterday morning after being sick for several years.  While it was expected, it’s still very hard to deal with.  Her husband, my great uncle, just passed away this October.  With their deaths happening so closely, I’m a bit drained emotionally.

That said, today’s post will just be my Friday Favorites post, as well as my last post of the year.  Between my aunt’s funeral and all the holiday madness, I don’t have the time or energy to finish writing what was supposed to be today’s post – “Tips For Having a Small Wedding”.  I’ll have that up for you shortly after the new year.

I truly appreciate your understanding and flexibility as I make these adjustments to the posting schedule.

I’ll leave you with a few fun links from around the web and my sincerest wishes of happiness to you and your family this holiday season.  It’s been so fun getting to do life with you this past year – thanks for being here.  See you in 2018.  I love you all.

01.  The Truth About Microblading.

02.  Thinking of investing in a gel manicure system after reading this post.

03.  Phil started watching The Man in the High Castle and loves it.  I’m thinking of starting it, too.

04.  Hang in there.

05.  Love this tee.

06.  After getting just under 12 inches of snow two weeks ago, I’m thinking of getting some new snow boots.  I really like this pair and this pair.

07.  I want to try this lip set.

08.  Cute bell sleeve sweater.  And it’s on sale!

09.  In need of some no show socks like these for my ankle boots.

10.  This game looks like fun.

11.  Pretty earrings.

12.  Love this gift guide.

13.  I went a little mad during the Loft sale this weekend and picked up some really cute items (all 50% off or more): this stitchy cable sweater, this striped velvet puff sleeve sweatshirt, this open hoodie in grey, this vintage soft pocket tee in white and black, and this plaid two in one top.  Eeeeee!

Also, in case you missed it on the blog last week…


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