Life Lately in 5 Pictures

Hello, hello!  I haven’t given you all a life update since this summer, so I thought I’d do that today.  We’re crazy busy these days!  Between wedding planning, work, and life in general, we’re just trying to keep up.

My sweet great uncle passed away on October 1st at the age of 90.  He was such a dear soul and was loved by many.  His visitation was scheduled from 6-8 p.m. last week.  My sister and I got there a little after 6 and there was already a line out the door of the funeral home and through the parking lot.  We waited in line for over an hour before we got to the front where the immediate family was.  Once we got through, there was still a line all the way out the door.  So when I say this man was loved by many, I mean many!  He and his wife, my great aunt who is still living, were married for 70 years! 70!!!  How amazing is that?!

We had our wedding shower/reception with my dad’s side of the family toward the end of September.  This side of my family is very conservative and do not drink alcohol, so we decided to hold something separate from our reception happening after the wedding out of respect for them.  My step-mom and sisters put everything together and did such a good job!  It was fun to still be able to celebrate with them in an environment they felt comfortable in.

Sunday was our Willie boy’s “gotcha day”.  It’s hard to believe we’ve had him for two years already!  He’s brought so much love and joy to our lives.  It’s amazing the transformation he’s made over these two years.  When we rescued him from the local shelter, he was in really bad shape.  He had a terrible case of mange, was extremely underweight, and needed a lot of attention and care from the vet and us.  I’m so glad we stuck with it because he has become such a sweet part of our little family.  For those of you who don’t know, Willie is our 9-year-old boxer.  His full name is Willie Nelson! :)

My friend Denita (pictured above) and Molly have inspired and motivated me to start participating in some local 5K races.  Y’all, I’m not a runner, but I’ve so enjoyed getting out and being more active!  I usually run/walk the races, but I always feel so accomplished after finishing.  I love the C25K app.  I’ve been doing those workouts and I even run whatever workout I’m on during the races in order to keep a good pace.  The first race I did was back in June and I’ve successfully completed one race each month (except August) ever since.  Our next race is this coming Saturday!

I was scrolling/stalking a friend and sorority sister’s Facebook page the other day and came across this gem.  This picture was taken the night I accepted my bid to Alpha Xi Delta.  Look how skinny and tan I was!  Ugh, makes me sick.  I absolutely love looking at old pictures.  It’s so much fun to remember good memories.

And there you have it – just a quick update on what’s been happening.  While life has been bitter-sweet lately, I wouldn’t trade it.  These past couple of post-college years have been some of the most trying of my life, but some that I’m so thankful for because they are making me stronger, wiser, and more compassionate toward myself and others.  A quote that resonates so loudly with me right now was said by one of my favorite authors and speakers, Brene Brown.  She said, “you can choose courage or your can choose comfort, but you cannot choose both.”  Isn’t that powerful?  I long for comfort most days.  But the days I choose to be courageous are the days I become a little more me.


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