A Peek Inside My Bridal Shower

This past Sunday, one of my best friends hosted a bridal shower for me.  It’s hard to believe that a little less than two months ago she and I were just starting to talk through the details of this day, and now it’s come and gone.  If you ever want to understand the true meaning behind the saying “time flies,” just plan a wedding!  We’re only a little over a month away and that’s so crazy to me.  There’s been so much going on that I feel like I simply blink and the next event is here and happening.

My friend Courtney did such a wonderful job putting together this shower.  I was most impressed by the fact that she truly took the lead on this and ran with it.  Especially because I gave her very little input or direction.  I don’t think I even showed her one Pinterest photo and she still killed it!  We decided to hold the shower at my house because I’ve got a massive back deck.  It turned out to be a gorgeous day and the perfect space for an outdoor event!  We ate some amazing homemade snacks, drank mimosas, mingled, opened gifts, and then just like, the afternoon was over.  It was such a relaxing day!

Here are a couple pictures I got of the day:

This is my friend Courtney and her sweet baby girl, Truett.

My mom and I and her dog, Queen Chloe.

The cutest baby of all time.

As the days and weeks leading up to our wedding day get shorter and shorter, I’m really trying to soak in every moment.  I feel so lucky to have friends and family who’ve been so supportive and excited for me throughout this entire process, and who’ve put together fun events like this!


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