Gratitude Series

Gratitude Series: Part III

Honor Your Body

“Our bodies are the vessels that carry us and help us experience the world around us.  Take a moment to nurture and appreciate your body today.  Pick out a favorite pair of earrings or your most comfortable shoes.  Before a meal, give thanks to your body for turning the food into energy for the day.  Or perhaps as you are falling asleep, wish your body a peaceful rest.”

I am grateful for a body that moves.  For a body that allows me to work, walk, workout, eat, rest, etc.  I am grateful for having my eyes opened to the importance of taking care of my body.  I only have this one life and this one body, and I want to make it last!  I am thankful my body gives me energy to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine.  I want to nurture my body with good food and surroundings.  I’m thankful that when I do good things for my body, it repays me tenfold.

How are you grateful for your body?  What did it allow you to do today?  How did you give thanks to it?

Learn more about the Gratitude Series and read Part I here.  And see Part II here.


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