My First Blue Apron Experience (and how it compared to HelloFresh)

A while back I wrote about my first HelloFresh experience and told you that Phil and I would be trying out Blue Apron the following week.  I then promised to follow up with another review and crown a meal kit delivery service champion.  So here’s that post!

What is Blue Apron?

Identical to HelloFresh, Blue Apron is a meal kit delivery service.  All ingredients are farm-fresh and include meat that is not fed by antibiotics or hormones, 100 percent sustainable seafood, non-GMO ingredients, and cage-free farm eggs.

Pricing and plans

Blue Apron offers two meal plans: the two person plan and the family plan.  The two person plan comes with three meals and costs $9.99 per meal/person.  The family plan has an option for two or four meals.  The meals in this plan are $8.99 per meal/person – 24 cent more than HelloFresh.  While Blue Apron does not have a plan specifically for vegetarians like HelloFresh, you can create a meat-free menu simply by not selecting any meat options under your dietary selections.

How it works

Go to Blue Apron’s website to create an account, customize your profile and menus, and schedule your deliveries.  It’s a very easy step-by-step process!  Blue Apron also has an app that makes scheduling and pausing deliveries a breeze.

What to expect

Your meals will be delivered in a insulated box (I remembered to take pictures this time!).  The meat is packaged at the bottom of the box and covered with large ice packs to keep it cold and fresh.  On top of the meat, separated by a cardboard barrier, are the rest of the ingredients you’ll need for each recipe.  Your smaller ingredients like spices, sauces, and vinegars are separated into three small paper bags by recipe.  See the photos below to see what I’m talking about.


Each meal comes with the recipe and cooking instructions.  These were very easy to read and understand.  Like I said in my previous review, I highly recommend reading the entire card before getting started and doing as much prep work as possible before you get start cooking.

We got seared chicken and creamy couscous, lemongrass burgers and cabbage slaw, and seared salmon and roasted potato salad in our first box.  Phil and I both liked the salmon recipe the best.  None of these recipes took more than 30 minutes to make from start to finish.

My thoughts and the meal kit delivery service champion

Phil and I continued to alternate between HelloFresh and Blue Apron for several weeks after this box, and there was a clear winner for both of us.  HelloFresh was by far our favorite service for two big reasons: 1) their packaging was so much more organized!  The ingredients in the HelloFresh box were separated by meal into three individual boxes, which also gave it a higher quality feel.  Blue Apron packaged the smaller ingredients into separate paper bags (many of which tore), but everything else was kind of scattered about.  This made getting all the ingredients together for each meal kind of annoying, especially after being able to just grab a box from the fridge with HelloFresh.  And 2) we simply liked the HelloFresh recipes better.  Recipes and food, of course, all come down to personal taste and preference, but for Phil and I, there honestly wasn’t a single recipe in the HelloFresh boxes we disliked.  All of the Blue Apron recipes we received were just okay – there was one recipe in particular I remember that I didn’t even finish because I disliked it so much.  Don’t get me wrong!  Blue Apron would be a great choice if you are looking to try a meal kit delivery service, but after trying the two, it wouldn’t be our first.


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