Our Save the Date & Wedding Update, No. 3

We sent our Save the Date magnets to our family back in May, but I’ve just now found some time to share them with you all.  I took an online class for work that lasted the entire month of June, so blogging was sort of put on the back burner – sorry about that!

We ordered these from Vistaprint and were really happy with the way they turned out.  We decided on magnets because I’ve always loved the convenience of them and, because we’ve decided to have a smaller wedding, we could afford to do the bigger, post-card size magnets.  The process was extremely simple and affordable!  I just uploaded a photo and changed around the names, date, and location.  I had a really hard time narrowing it down to just one!  I was torn between this one and the one we ended up choosing.

We also ordered our ceremony invitations and our reception invitations this week.  Those will go out in the mail first week of August.  We ordered those from Vistaprint, as well – a formal one for the ceremony and one that’s a bit more fun and casual for the reception.  In a previous update, I filled you in on the fact that we’ll be doing a very small, intimate wedding.  We’re keeping the ceremony to just immediate family (about 25), followed by a reception two weeks later to celebrate with our extended family and friends (about 150).

In addition to booking our ceremony venue, we’ve also booked our reception venue and caterer for this event.  We’re working closely with them to put the final touches on our menu!  We decided on doing food stations: appetizer station, salad station, comfort food station (prime rib, mac and cheese, collard greens, mashed potatoes, etc.), and a dessert station.  YUM!!!

What Else Has Been Done

  • Our engagement photos have been taken.
  • Our wedding venue includes our photographer, wedding officiant, chairs, flowers, cake, and our hotel room for two nights so all of this is done.
  • I have my dress and my veil.
  • I’ve booked my hair stylist and makeup artist.
  • Our honeymoon is booked.  We’ll be cruising for seven days to Saint Thomas, Saint Kitts, and the Bahamas!
  • My bachelorette and his bachelor party date and locations have been set.  I’ve also bought all the girls going on the trip what would have been their bridesmaid gifts if I was having a wedding party to thank them for organizing my bachelorette weekend.

What Else Needs to be Done

  • My dress needs to be altered and I need to decide what shoes I’m going to wear.
  • We need to decided what Phil is going to wear for the ceremony.
  • We need to register for gifts.
  • I need to pick my ceremony jewelry.  So far, I’m leaning toward these earrings, this bracelet, and this bracelet.
  • We need to have Phil’s ring fitted and cleaned.  He’ll be wearing his late grandfather’s band.
  • We need to buy gifts for our parents and others who’ve helped us along the way.
  • We need to figure out how to get/apply for a marriage license.  (Yep, we have no clue how to do this!)

So as you can see, we’ve gotten a lot done, but we still have a good bit to finish up before the big day.  At this point, I just want the planning to be over so we can enjoy all the hard work and anticipation!

Save the Date photo taken by Taylor Boyd.


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