Friday Favorites


Hello, love!  Happy Friday!  How’s your week been?  Mine was good, but I’m happy to see it coming to a close for a few days.  What are you up to this weekend?  I’ve got nothing on the agenda, which is very rare, so I’ll probably do some work around the house and just take it easy.

We got the first draft for our wedding reception menu this week and I’m so excited about it!  I hope to have another wedding update for you next week.

Hope you have a good one and here’s some fun things from around the web:

01.  How to elevate a pair of jeans with the right top.

02.  8 bite sized habits for a better day.

03.  Loving the new pieces over at Magnolia Market.

04.  This post gave me warm fuzzies.

05.  How to be mindful while taking a shower.

06.  Have you seen the new Emily Ley Planners that came out this week?  How cute are they?  I have this one in white that Phil bought me for Christmas and love it!

07.  I purchased this concealer by Tarte last weekend, and after using it for a week now I’m really loving it!



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