Gratitude Series

Gratitude Series: Part II

Hello, hello!  Welcome to Wednesday.  We are half way through the work week and that is something to be very grateful for!

I started the Gratitude Series about a month ago and thought it was time to share another entry.  This little journal has been so helpful to me during this stressful time of my life.  Work is crazy, and planning a wedding on top of that has really pushed Phil and I to our limits.  This journal has been such a great reminder to pause and just be thankful.  I love it!


Sense Happiness

01.  Something wonderful I touched today was…  The piece of paper that revealed the final passing exam score I needed for a certification at work.  This passing score was all that was standing between me and a raise!

02.  Someone I enjoyed talking to today was…  Wanda.  I had never met Wanda before, but she came into my office today and was the sweetest person I think I’ve ever met.  Her joy was so contagious!  I hope I treat others the way Wanda treated me.

03.  A sound I heard today that will stay with me was…  The heels of my shoes on the pavement as I took a stroll outside in the beautiful weather.  Spring is officially here and it’s simply amazing.  Sunshine lifts my spirit so much!

04.  The best thing I smelled this morning was…  My morning Americano from Mosaic Café.  Yum!

05.  The most beautiful thing I saw today was…  The sunrise on my morning drive (pictured above).

What are you grateful for today?


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