My First HelloFresh Experience

Phil and I recently tried HelloFresh for the first time and I thought I’d share my experience with you.  I’ll go ahead and be up front with you so you know what kind of review you’re about to read: we loved it!  From signing up, to ordering, to delivery, to preparing meals, everything was extremely easy and that’s what we’re all about.  I’d seen ads for meal delivery services like HelloFresh and Blue Apron several times, and was always very interested in trying them out.  When I got a 50% off coupon for HelloFresh, I decided this was the best time to try it out.

What is Hello Fresh?

HelloFresh is a meal kit delivery service that delivers farm fresh ingredients to your doorstep so you can cook 3-5 delicious, quick, and healthy meals at home.  There are options for meat-eaters, vegetarians, and family-friendly recipes for your picky eaters.

Pricing and Plans

When you sign up, you’ll choose between three different meal plans.  The first option is the Classic Plan.  This is the plan Phil and I chose, and from what I gather from other reviews, the most popular plan.  This plan offers the widest variety of seasonal produce, fresh meat, and fish.  The cost is $9.99 per meal, per person.  This plan serves 2 or 4 adults and gives you 6 delicious recipes to choose from.  The next option is the Veggie Plan, which comes with meat-free proteins and seasonal produce.  Also, $9.99 per meal/per person, this plan serves 2 or 4 adults and comes with 3 handpicked vegetarian meals.  The last option is the Family Plan.  This plan comes with family-friendly ingredients that will go over well with the adults and the kiddos.  This plan serves 2 adults and 2 children and the cost is $8.75 per meal/per person.

How it works

The entire process is very easy!  Simply create an account and customize your profile.  Customizing your profile is important because this is where you pick your plan and select what’s on the menu for that week.  After you’ve customized, you will schedule your first delivery.  You can pause or cancel at any time.  After the initial sign up, I recommend downloading the HelloFresh app.  This makes picking your weekly menu and pausing deliveries much easier than going online.

What to expect

Your meals will be delivered in an insulated box.  I didn’t take any photos of the inside and I should’ve – sorry about that – but it basically looks like a cardboard cooler.  The meat is on the very bottom, covered by a huge ice pack and more insulation.  On top of that are the rest of the ingredients for your meals.  I arrived home from work at 5:45 the evening my box was delivered, and everything was still very cold and fresh.  I should also mention that my box had been sitting directly in the sun on my front porch, so I was pleasantly surprised when everything was still A-Okay upon opening.

All of your ingredients are separated by meal.  I loved this!  It made it extremely easy to know what ingredients went with what meal.  There was no organizing or guessing, everything was already done for me.  This also made storing in the fridge simple.  I just put the two additional boxes in the fridge until I was ready to prepare them.

Each meal comes when the recipe and cooking instructions.  They are well-written and easy to understand/follow along with.  I do recommend reading over the recipe before jumping in so you are prepared for each step.  Our box came with ingredients to make Lemony Pan Seared Chicken, Cumin Spiced Steak (my favorite!), and Turkey Chilies Rellenos (Phil’s favorite!).  None of the recipes took longer than 30 minutes to prepare and we had left overs from all three.

My thoughts

Here’s the thing: I don’t mind cooking, in fact, I actually enjoy it.  But I absolutely hate going to the grocery store and find myself cooking the same thing over and over again.  I love the variety of recipes these meal kit services provide, and how quick and easy they are to prepare.  Both Phil and I have crazy busy schedules, so this just makes sense for us.  I’ve read reviews that complain about the price, but for us, it comes out to about even overall compared to if we went to go to the grocery store and we waste a lot less food.  As far as level of cooking experience needed for HelloFresh, I would say it’s good for those who have no experience at all, all the way up to those who cook on a regular basis.  Lastly, I love how you can order around your schedule.  With the HelloFresh app, I can easily pause delivery times.  If I know Phil and I will be out of town one week, I just push pause and our delivery is stopped for that particular week.

This week we are trying out Blue Apron to see how it compares.  Blue Apron seems to be the biggest competitor for HelloFresh, so I look forward to crowning a champion (ha!).  I’ll be sure to write a blog post about it all.


4 thoughts on “My First HelloFresh Experience

  1. Considering getting this for my parents. Will be interested to know how they compare to each other. Thank you!


  2. I recently reviewed my first HelloFresh experience too! It saved my boyfriend and I a lot of time and the recipes were delicious! I can not wait to start cooking from this second box of recipes!


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