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7 Times You Should Never Wear Your Engagement Ring

Photo by Taylor Boyd Photography

I took my ring to have the rhodium plating dipped for our engagement photos (happening today, eek!) this past weekend, which got me thinking about how often other women wear and don’t wear their engagement and/or wedding ring.  Before Phil and I got engaged, I had always heard several different do’s and don’t’s of engagement ring “etiquette” if you will.  Once I had my own ring, these suggestions made more sense, and I even found a few other situations in which I didn’t feel comfortable wearing my ring.  While I would love to wear and show off my ring 24/7, I guess the biggest reason for removing it is because I know how hard Phil worked to buy it for me and that means a lot.  I want to do everything I can to help preserve and take care of it.

7 times you should never wear your engagement ring:

01.  While playing sports or working out.  Camping, hiking, and theme parks also fall into this category for me.  Banging your ring around while being active makes the risk of loosening and/or scratching your stones and band much more likely.

02.  While doing yard work.  Similar to playing sports and working out, the risk of loosening your stones and scratching your band increases.  Not to mention, who wants dirt stuck in their setting?

03.  While cleaning.  Harsh chemicals and soaps are no good for your ring as it can cause it to soil.

04.  While applying sunscreen and lotion.  These products can really gunk up your ring.  I don’t even like to wear my ring while applying my makeup either.

05.  While swimming.  I’m not sure about you, but when I’m in the water my fingers shrink causing jewelry to get dangerously close to falling off.  I’m definitely not willing to take that risk, so off my ring goes before I jump into the pool, lake, or ocean.  The chlorine and other chemicals in the water can also strip rhodium on white gold engagement rings which is what I have.

06.  While cooking.  The ingredients in your meals can leave a film on your ring, especially when you are using your hands to mix them.

07.  While you’re sleeping.  I’ve read that wearing your ring to bed causes it to reshape itself and loosen the stones overtime due to the weight of your body against your hand.  I’ve also heard your sheets can scratch your diamond.  Not sure if the second one is true, but either way, my ring comes off before bed.

I’m sure there are other occasions when removing your ring is a good idea, but these are the most common for me.  Another step I take to care for my ring is having it inspected and cleaned every six months.  Phil purchased a special care package at the place where he bought my ring, which includes free cleaning and inspection, as well as insurance.  I highly recommend getting this same type of package while you’re shopping for your ring if it’s available because day-to-day activities can really take a toll on it.  And God-forbid your diamond ever fell out or your ring got lost!  It’s so worth it to spend a little extra money to be prepared in case the worse were to happen.

If you really can’t stand the idea of not wearing some sort of ring on at all times, consider buying a silicone ring like one of these to wear in place of your engagement ring and/or wedding band.  This is what Phil is going to wear while he works once we get married since he uses his hands so much.  You might even consider buying an inexpensive ring from Target or wearing another ring you already have.  I have this Pandora ring that I’ve been wearing when I don’t feel comfortable wearing my actual engagement ring.  While damage is still possible, it’s much less expensive to fix than my actual engagement ring and wedding band would be!

What situations do you take your rings off?


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