Friday Favorites


Hey, there.  How’s your week been?  My birthday was on Monday and the entire week has (unintentionally) turned into one big celebration.  Not complaining.

What are you up to this weekend?  Phil and I are heading to Dollywood tomorrow.  I’m praying for good weather!  Next week I hope to have a post about what I’m currently reading, listening to, and watching.  I’ve started a new book, podcast, and show that I’m suuuuper sucked in to so I thought I’d share.

Hope you have a good one, and here’s some fun links from around the WWW.

01.  The Ultimate Guide to Achieving Anything.  A great read for when you need a good pep talk.

02.  Check out this New York house completely encased in ice.  Holy moly!

03.  Nap hangout.  Is it weird that my friends and I did this all the time in college?

04.  Why small pleasures are a big deal.

05.  Also, finding joy in three seconds.

06.  My aunt gave me an Old Navy gift card for my birthday and I snagged this cute little top.

07.  Pretty phone cases.

08.  Love this button up shirt by Tradlands, and love the company’s story even more.  P.S. Would never buy a shirt this expensive, but a girl can dream and stare at pretty things can’t she?

09.  Mushroom tartines.  Yum.

10.  Foreign postcards.

11.  54 things women are doing wrong.


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