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This past weekend I went to Winston Salem for a friend’s birthday and engagement party.  On the drive down, I stopped by Target to pick up her gift and took a little detour over to the clothing section (duh).  I found a few items I really loved and ended up buying that I thought I’d share with you.  On a side-note: I’m very thankful the closest Target is an hour away from me, otherwise I’d be taking clothing detours every time I set foot in a store.


01.  Green utility vest.  I have a green army-style jacket from Gap that I bought a few years ago and love, but I’ve been on the hunt for a similar vest version for a while now.  I got really excited when I saw this hanging on the rack!  This vest is going to be great year-round.  It will be a good light-weight jacket option in the spring and summer months, as well as a fun extra layer over a long sleeve top in the fall and winter.

high rise jeans02.  High-rise jeggings.  I hate jeggings, so I was thrilled to discover that these actually feel and fit more like jeans than they do leggings.  I’m a huge fan of rugged boyfriend jeans, as well as fitted jeans that hit at the ankle, and this pair incorporates both of those styles.  I’d never worn a pair of jeans from Target before this, so I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked them.  I will definitely try out more of their jeans in the future!

green shirt03.  Olive green oil wash top with pompom and lace trim.  I’m seriously obsessed with the Knox Rose line.  Maybe I just don’t go to Target often enough (shame, I know!), but I’d never seen this line until this past weekend and I had to find major self-control!  I would buy every single piece in this line if I could afford it.  I’m in love with the boho-inspired designs.  This flowy and fun top is going to be great this spring and summer!

plaid shirt04.  Blush plaid shirt.  Living in North Carolina, one can never have enough plaid.  I love how light-weight this shirt is (unlike other flannel and plaid shirts I own) because it will allow me to wear plaid, even as the weather warms up.  Not to mention, I’m a big fan of the beautiful blush color.

lace up hoodie05.  Black lace up hoodie.  This hoodie is so soft and will be great to throw on with a pair of jeans and sandals for running weekend errands or to wear to a summer bonfire.

flats06.  Nude lace up ballet flats.  I’ve been searching for a cute pair of lace up flats for a while, and was really excited to add these to my wardrobe.  They rubbed my feet a bit the first time I wore them, but it was nothing drastic and I think it will stop over time.  These are going to be so great this spring and summer!

sneakers07.  Slip on sneakers.  I’ve also been looking for a slip on sneaker for some time.  I wanted something that would match a lot of different outfits and were an easy go-to for casual days, but didn’t want to spend a ton of money on them.  I love these by Dr. Scholl’s, but think paying over $100 for this style of shoe is absolutely ridiculous!  These from Target are very similar and much, much cheaper!

Below is a picture from this weekend where I’ve got on some of the items I talked about in this post, including the green utility vest, plaid shirt, jeggings and lace up flats.  This outfit was super comfy and easy.

me and char


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