Wedding Update, No. 2

Hi, there!  How’s it going?  How was your weekend?  Do anything fun?  Mine was insanely productive and fun, so I’m just going to jump right into this wedding update.

Over the past several weeks, Phil and I have been on many venue tours.  So many tours, in fact, that I’ll be okay if I never see another wedding venue for the rest of my life.  Every tour was followed by mundane conversations about renting tables, chairs, linens, booking guest accommodations, and so on.  And to be completely honest, it felt more like work than planning the moment we get to become husband and wife.  So with that, we decided to scratch the idea of having a big wedding altogether.  Yep, just like that, gone!

This weekend we booked our favorite venue to date: a beautiful 1900s B&B tucked away in Asheville, NC, where we will tie the knot surrounded by our immediate family.  I’ve been obsessed with looking at their wedding photo gallery ever since I discovered the place.  It’s simply stunning!

Albemarle Inn

We knew as soon as we walked in that this was the place!  So while we’ve elected to do simple over extravagant and expensive, we feel that doing so will fulfill the vision we both have for OUR perfect day.  AND, in other big news, we’ve decided to get married this October rather than waiting until 2018 since there will be much less planning involved.

Brace yourself because I’ve got another update coming your way!  Not only did we book our venue this weekend, but I also said yes to the dress and we put a deposit down on our honeymoon!

David's Bridal

Several of my girlfriends came into town this weekend to join me at my appointment on Sunday.  It was so great having them there because they convinced me to try on a dress I would’ve never picked out myself, and that was actually the dress I ended up buying!  In addition to my friends, my mom, step-mom, grandmother, and two sisters also joined us.  It was such a great day!

So with the venue and honeymoon booked and my dress picked out, our next task is planning a reception to celebrate with all our friends and family who won’t be at our ceremony.  We have other small tasks to tend to, as well, like getting Phil’s suit and ordering invitations, but we are knocking the big items out quickly and that makes me very happy and excited!

You can read my first wedding update here.


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