Friday Favorites


Happy Friday!  How’s your week been?  Mine has been stressful on the personal and professional front, so I’m happy the weekend is finally here.  It’s been crazy cold here in North Carolina this week!  After weeks of beautiful warm weather, it’s a little depressing.  Although this last minute winter run is happening, signs of spring are still showing.  The flowers are starting to bloom at my house (pictured above).

What are you up to this weekend?  Phil and I are going to tour two venues tomorrow morning and then some of my best friends are coming into town to join me at my wedding dress appointment on Sunday.  We’re hoping to have some things nailed down this weekend and we’re really excited about it!  If all goes well, I’ll have another wedding update for you soon.

Have a great weekend, my love!  Here are a few fun things from around the web that I read this week:

01.  I found out that M.A.C. is coming to Ulta stores in June and I am thrilled!

02.  Strong is the new pretty.  A new photo book I’m dying to look through.

03.  7 times Emma Watson’s beauty routine surprised me.  Interesting is all I can say.

04.  Tips for living in a tiny apartment.  I no longer live in a tiny apartment, but did at one time and wish I would’ve known about this blog back then.

05.  29 people on why they showed up for the women’s march.  This makes my heart happy.

06.  Reasons to elope.  Phil and I have been considering this for sometime, especially now that wedding planning is in full swing.  What do you think?  Would you elope?

07.  I went a little book crazy this week and bought this book, this book, and this book.  I’ve heard good things about all three, so I’m excited to see for myself.


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