Wedding Update, No. 1

Good morning and happy Friday!  Remember me?  The girl who said she would be back to blogging on January 9th?  Yeah, that’s me.  I really have no excuse except for, well, LIFE!  Work has been crazy, life has been crazy, and we have officially started wedding planning!  Whew!

And speaking of wedding planning, we have jumped into the first task on our to-do list: booking a venue!  Since Phil and I will be getting married in April of 2018, we have a little over a year to plan.  I found this 12 month wedding calendar that I’m trying to follow.  Having this to-do list has already made planning much easier!

I had a few ideas of venues I wanted to tour from some research I’ve been doing, but my mom and I went to a wedding festival in February and were able to speak with a lot of venues I had never even heard of before.  If you are a bride, I highly recommend going to a wedding festival or expo!  I discovered so many resources in my area that I never would have known about and it was really fun!  There was lots of free samples, coupons, and the people were so friendly.  At this particular festival we went to, they had a photo booth.  The picture below is of me and my mom.


Here’s a couple of things we would like our venue to include:

01.  Ideally, we would like our ceremony and reception to be in the same location so our guests are not having to drive from one place to another.  Most of the venues we are scheduled to tour include both a ceremony space and a space for a reception.

02.  Allowing outside vendors is a must!  Phil works at a brewery and they are providing our beer and wine, and we have a good friend who owns a restaurant that is going to cater for us.

03.  Preference will be given to venues that already have tables, chairs, china, and linens.  We are okay paying more money to already have these items on location so we do not have to worry about bringing them with us and returning them afterwards.

04.  The last thing we want to worry about or have our families worry about is cleaning up after the reception.  We would like the venue to include at least break down and trash takeout.  Set up plus break down and trash takeout is even better!

05.  I would love to have a suite or room on-site for my bridesmaids and I to get ready in.  I’ve been in weddings where we got ready off-site, as well as weddings where we got ready on-site, and on-site was so much easier!  I remember having so much more time to get ready, relax, and have fun before the ceremony when we got ready on-site.

06.   An on-site employee for at least the day of the wedding is much preferred!  I’ve been to many weddings where they have had at least one or more employees of the venue to help with any issues that might have popped up: sounds issues, bathroom issues, parking issues, etc.  This will ensure things run as smoothly as possible.  I’ve yet to speak with a venue that does not offer this.  In fact, most require it.

While not all six of these items are deal breakers, we are hoping to cover most of them.  Luckily, just about every venue we are touring meets these wishes.  I truly believe finding a venue will be the most stressful part of this planning process.  Once that is decided, I think everything else will fall into place!

What were your must-haves for your wedding venue?  Anything else we should consider when looking at venues?


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