Friday Favorites: Christmas Edition


I absolutely love Christmas!  Not so much the giving and receiving of presents, but the music, décor, weather, food, and family time.  So in the spirit of Christmas and holiday decorating, I thought it would be fun to share a few links to some of my favorite Christmas decorations I picked up this year.  One of the most fun parts about moving into our new place, is that we get to pick out and buy our own decorations and really make our new house our home.

01.  This cute burlap pillow.  This sits in the center of our sectional sofa with a black and white patterned pillow, a white fur pillow, and a round gold pillow.  I just love it!

02.  Knit monogram Christmas stockings.  I got the white one for me and the green one for Phil.  Target also makes a smaller version of these stockings I wanted to get for the dogs, but I couldn’t find a W for Willie at my local store.  I might order them offline, but I probably won’t go through the trouble.  However, if you have pets, these would be cute to get for them.

03.  What’s a stocking without a stocking holder?  I’m in love with these little gold deer ones.

04.  I picked up a metal Christmas tree marque that lights up from Michael’s, but can’t seem to find it online.  I wanted to share a link to one that’s similar from Target because this piece has been really great for decorating!  It was the final touch for my little entry way table.

05.  This tree topper has been so great for my rustic themed tree.  I like it because it’s not very traditional, but is still beautiful and festive.

06.  I have placemats for every season and was so excited to add these holly jolly placemats to my dining room table for the holiday.

07.  I purchased this tree skirt in cream before realizing my mom gave me our family’s vintage lace tree skirt.  I ended up taking it back because I’ve always been in love with the skirt she gave me, but had I not remembered I had it, I would’ve definitely kept this one from Target.

What are some of your favorite holiday decorations that you have around your house?  Share links in the comments below!

Also, in case you missed it on the blog this week…

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

P.S.  Next week begins my short gift guide series!  I’ll have a post geared toward finding the perfect gift for the men in your life and another post for all the women you cherish.  I’ve had a lot of fun putting together these gift guides and I think you will enjoy them, too!


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