My Review of Beachbody’s 3 Day Refresh

I did Beachbody’s 3 Day Refresh this past weekend and thought I’d share my experience with you guys!  I’ve attempted this cleanse once before and didn’t make it all the way through, so I was nervous going back into it.  But this go ’round seemed much easier for some reason and I was happy with my results.  I lost a total of 4.2 pounds, but more importantly, it was nice to flush out all the yucky stuff I’d been putting into my body for so long.  Today I’ll be sharing with you the eating schedule for the three days, how I felt through the entire process, as well as a few tips to help make your experience the best it can be.


Schedule of events:

Upon waking – Drink 8-10oz of filtered water

This helps to wake the body up and get it going after being asleep for so long.  I try to do this every morning, so this wasn’t necessarily new for me.

Breakfast – Shakeology + 1 fruit option from the fruit list in the program guide

The last time I did this cleanse, I blended my fruit in with the shake.  This time, I drank my shake and ate half a grapefruit each morning.  Either way is acceptable.

Morning tea break – This is optional during the cleanse

I enjoy tea, so I partook.  In the mornings I drank the Blueberry Slim Life tea from Yogi.

Mid-morning – Fiber Sweep

I think the name speaks for itself.  This is a fiber powder that you mix with water that helps to “flush” out of the body.  Pun intended.  This stuff is terrible.  You just gotta chug.  I highly recommend mixing with very cold water and then drinking as quickly as possible.  The drink will start to thicken otherwise and then it’s just nasty.

Lunch – Vanilla Fresh Shake + 1 fruit option + 1 veggie option + 1 healthy fat option

I typically blended my fruit with my shake for lunch.  I’ll be honest with you, the I do not like the vanilla shakes.  They taste like cake batter, but not the fake, processed, cake batter flavored things you might think of.  They taste like actual cake batter before it’s baked.  For the veggie, I alternated between celery, carrots, and cucumbers with hummus or almond butter for my veggie and healthy fat.

Afternoon snack – 1 veggie option + 1 healthy fat option

Again, I alternated between celery, carrots, and cucumber during the three days with hummus or almond butter.

Afternoon tea break – Again, this step is optional

I drank a lemon, ginger tea during this tea break.  I can’t remember the brand, but no caffeine allowed in this one!

Dinner – Vanilla Fresh Shake + 1 of the dinner options in your program guide + 1 cup of veggie broth (optional)

I was pleased with each of the dinners I had.  They were easy to make and tasted good.  I did the veggie broth because, hey, more food!

Evening tea break – Optional

I’ve started making an evening tea part of my regular routine since this cleanse because I was pleasantly surprised by how much better I slept after drinking it before bed.  I drank Bedtime tea by Yogi.  I felt like it helped me relax and settled my mind before heading to bed.  Again, no caffeine is this tea!


How I felt through the cleansing process

A couple of words come to mind when I think about how I felt through this process, both good and bad:

  • Tired
  • Hungry
  • Lighter
  • Awake

While I most certainly felt tired and hungry due to the substantial decrease in calories, I also felt like a lingering cloud in my head was lifted.  This entire process truly helped me understand how all the unhealthy foods that I put into my body can negatively effect my day-to-day function.  So while, again, I definitely felt tired and hungry, and was SO ready for the third day to be over, I also felt more awake, aware, and focused during those three days.  The process reminded me, too, how powerful the human mind can be when we force ourselves to focus.  Throughout the process I had to talk myself off the ledge of giving up.  That’s what happened to me last time and why I didn’t finish.  I mentally prepared myself for this cleanse and I think that helped a lot.


Tips for success

01.  Prep – This is vital to your success!  Once you get the 3 Day Refresh in the mail, pull out the program guide, make a shopping list, then go to the store and get everything you’ll need for the entire process.  Having everything on hand will ensure no excuses for not completing the full three days.  I promise you that you’re energy level will be very low and the last thing you’ll want to do is have to run to the grocery store, so get all your shopping done before hand!

02.  Stay busy – I found that this helped me tremendously.  While I couldn’t do any hardcore exercising, I did do yoga, went for a walk, cleaned my house, went to a concert with Phil, and took several naps during the three days.  Staying busy will keep your mind off of being hungry.  Of course, listen to your body and don’t push yourself harder than you can, but this was a huge key to success for me.

03.  Drink lots of water – Drinking at least 64oz of filtered water is recommended for the cleanse and I’m here to tell you not to skip on this!  I drank at least 64oz if not more each day and think that contributed a lot to me feeling more awake and less hungry than I was on my last try at this cleanse.  Not to mention, it helps with cleansing away all the toxins and impurities from your body.

Overall, I had a great experience.  Can I see why others would hate this cleanse? Absolutely.  But would I do it again? Most definitely.  The feeling of being more alive and aware were so worth being tired and hungry for three days.  This is such a great way to create a fresh slate for yourself on your journey to better health!

I’m signed up as a Beachbody Coach so I can get discounts on Beachbody products like Shakeology. I am by no means this hardcore Beachbody product pusher like a lot of coaches are, but if you decide you want to give this cleanse a try, would you consider buying your program through me?  I’ll get the credit if you buy through this link.  Comment below or send an email to goodsoilblog2@gmail.com if you have any questions!


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