Friday Favorites


I feel like I say this just about every week, but man, am I happy to see Friday!  This week at work has been crazy!  There’s not much going on for me this weekend, which I’m happy about.  I’m hoping to get outside and go for a hike or walk at some point.  What’s on your agenda this weekend?

01.  The 100 best movies on Netflix that everyone needs to watch in their lifetime.  I’m seriously considering trying to watch all of these and blogging about it.  I’ve seen several on this list, but there’s also a lot I haven’t seen.

02.  Considering purchasing this book by Thich Nhat Hanh.  Has anyone read it?  If so, what did you think?  I’m still trying to get through Daring Greatly and have a long list of other books I’m wanting to read, so I might wait until those are finished before pulling the plug on this one.

03.  Three curling iron mistakes you might be making.

04.  Wanting to give this cocktail a try!

05.  I posted a beauty review on Wednesday.  Check it out here!

Have a fabulous weekend!

P.S.  See last Friday’s favorites here.


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