Friday Favorites (On Monday)


Hi, guys!  Soooo… Friday came and went in a flash and before I knew it, it was over and I wasn’t able to get up my Friday Favorites post.  With that said, here’s a few fun things to help you start your week off with a bang!  This past weekend was busy, but very productive for me!  Saturday was spent at the car dealership getting my oil changed and new tires put on.  Sunday was a cleaning frenzy!  And by frenzy, I mean an all day event.  Literally all day.  But my house is officially deep cleaned and the laundry is done.  Ahhh, it’s the simple things in life.  Have a fantastic week, friends!

01.  The Obama Family’s White House Life, In Pictures.  I just love this family!

02.  For those local to the Asheville area, I highly recommend checking out Vortex Doughnuts!  This place makes their doughnuts from scratch every morning and, like many other businesses in Asheville, they’re all about using local and organic ingredients.  The picture above was taken when Phil and I visited.  The name of it has left my brain at this very moment, but I do know this was their “signature” doughnut.  It has cinnamon sugar and chocolate swirl on top, using chocolate from French Broad Chocolates, also local to Asheville.

03.  I’m drooling over this bag!

04.  We’re having a “pink out” at work Friday in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  My boss is a breast cancer survivor and Friday also happens to be her 50th birthday, so we went all out!  There is some great info over on on how to lower your risk, as well as how to detect signs of breast cancer sooner than later.

05.  I found some goodies at Alter’d State last Thursday that I’m loving!  I bought this top in purple, this top, and this hat in dark brown.  I’m really excited about the hat!  I think floppy hats are great for fall.  P.S. Alter’d State is having a sale right now!

06.  Why Lena Dunham, star of HBO series Girls, is voting for Hillary Clinton.  This article makes me say “right on.”  While I voted for Bernie Sanders in the primary election, and still believe he would’ve been the better choice for President, “I’m with her” on November 8th.

07.  Some friends recommended HBO’s newest series Westworld to us and we are hooked! I highly recommend.


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