3 Week Yoga Retreat: Week 1



Last week I started Beachbody’s 3 Week Yoga Retreat and am loving it!  I’ve done many yoga classes in the past, but never learned the fundamentals or why certain things are important.  The program is broken down into three levels: foundation, expansion, and progression.  This past week was the foundation week, which teaches basic moves and how to flow while finding your breath.  Week one is all about the fundamentals.

I won’t even begin to act like I know the names of all the new yoga poses I’ve learned or that I’m some sort of expert, but I will say that after only one week of doing yoga everyday, I’m feeling 100 percent better overall in many aspects of my life.  The most beneficial difference has been becoming more aware of my body and my breath.  Each yoga session is only about 30 minutes or so, but during that time it’s been great to just be present and not worry about everything going on around me.  Yoga has also helped me relax, stretch and lengthen, slow down, and be mindful.

Here are a few of things I’m feeling after week one: more energized and awake, more calm and relaxed, happier, more motivated, less tense and less muscle pain, sleeping better, more present, healthier, and more positive.

I’m on day three of week two, which is expansion week.  It’s a bit harder, but still going great!  I’ll have another update at the end of each week.

Have you done the 3 Week Yoga Retreat or have you done yoga before?  Do you enjoy it and why?



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