Friday Favorites


Happy Friday and happy Fall!  The seasons have officially changed and I’m so ready for cooler weather.  Bring on sweaters, flannels, boots, and cute jeans!  I’ve got some fun fall-related posts coming up next week, so stay tuned!  I’m really excited about this week’s Friday Favorites post.  I came across some neat reads and links that I think you’ll like, too.

It’s going to be another busy weekend for me.  A few of my girlfriends are coming into town for our friend Courtney’s diaper kegger party.  Yes, you that heard correctly, a diaper kegger.  This is apparently the latest trend for expectant parents.  Your guests bring a pack of diapers in exchange for food and a cup for the keg.  I think it’s a pretty brilliant way to rack up on diapers!  Anyway, without further adieu…

01.  7 Of The World’s Most Beautiful New Museums.  I came across this blog post this week and was blown away by the incredible architecture and sheer beauty of these buildings.

02.  I’m loving the idea of lace up flats for autumn.  They provide the classic, ballet flat look with a fun twist.  I’ve got this pair from DSW and this pair from Old Navy on my radar.  Both are super cute and inexpensive.

03.  10 Lifestyle Blogs You Should Be Reading.  There are some great, great blogs on this slideshow.  I’m amazed by the each author’s talent and creativity!

04.  This is such a fun article:  how to describe colors to someone who is blind.

05.  Here’s a great tip for working women straight from the White House.  We must support one another, ladies!

06.  This woman tried five different hair colors in seven weeks.

What do you guys have going on this weekend?


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