My Morning Ritual


When I googled the definition of the word ritual, this is what I found: “A religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order.”  I wholeheartedly relate to this particular definition of ritual because my mornings are somewhat of a religious and holy experience for me.  I haven’t always been this way, however.  I dedicated this past summer to becoming a morning person.  Why?  Mostly because this was simply the best time of day for me to get things done.  Also because I was done with coming into work tired and grumpy.  The transformation has been life-changing.    While each morning might go a bit differently depending on the day, here is a peak into my morning routine and why I do certain things they way I do.

5:15 am – Wake up, throw on my workout clothes, open the living room blinds, start my essential oil diffuser, and chug a glass of water.  This is the part of my ritual where I’m preparing my mind and body to awaken after hours of being asleep.  I like to open my blinds in the living room where I workout because I get to watch the transformation from dark to light.  I also much prefer natural light.  Essential oils is one way I try to wake up my senses.  In the mornings, I like to diffuse some sort of citrus oil or peppermint.  Drinking a glass of water helps to rehydrate the body after going without anything to drink for several hours, flushes out toxins, and helps to fire up the metabolism.  Not to mention, it’s refreshing!

5:30 am – Do some sort of exercise.  This varies for me.  I’ve been loving having Beachbody on Demand because there are so many different workout options.  21 Day Fix workouts is a popular go-to for me, but I’ve also started and absolutely love doing yoga in the mornings.  Beachbody recently came out with a program called 3 Week Yoga Retreat.  In a nutshell, the program provides the building blocks of yoga for beginners.  While I’ve done many yoga classes in the past, I’ve never been a pro or shown/taught the fundamentals.  Along with learning the basics, I enjoy this series because it focuses on the breath and being mindful.  I’ve found that yoga is the best way for me to set my intension for the day.  And being more intentional about the direction of my days has helped become a happier and more positive person.

6:00 am – Start a pot of coffee and jump in the shower.

6:15 am – Pour myself a cup of coffee and make my breakfast.  I’m a simple breakfast eater.  Most of the time I go between oatmeal, some sort of granola cereal, a protein shake, or a few scrambled eggs and toast.

6:30 am – Eat my breakfast and enjoy my coffee while doing one of the following: read, write, pray, play with my dogs, clean, or simply sit in the quiet.  I make it a point not to look at my cell phone until I walk out the door in the morning.  The news, work emails, or social media can easily put me in a bad mood if I read or see something negative.

7:00 am – Finish getting ready.  Most days I’ll have music playing during this time.

8:00 am – Make my bed.  There’s something spiritual about coming home to a neatly made bed after a long day.  Don’t ask me what it is because I’m not really sure, but it is.

8:05 am – Leave for work.

Like I said before, this ritual is not the exact same every single morning, but it’s pretty darn close.  My morning ritual has become a precious time that’s helped me appreciate each day a little more than I use to.  It allows me to pause and be present, and to think about all there is to be grateful for.  It’s so easy to get swept up by negativity.  I’ve found that starting each day with a calm spirit and positive outlook helps to combat the small battles thrown my way throughout the day.

Do you have a morning ritual?




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