My Top 10 Favorite Things to Do on a Night Alone


The older I get, the more of an introvert I become.  Growing up, I remember being super outspoken.  I was the girl who never met a stranger and loved being the center of attention.  But these days, major amounts of social interaction is just plain exhausting for me.  I find more joy in writing a blog post, reading a book, or cleaning my house than I do making friends with a complete stranger.  It’s kind of funny, really.  Never in a million years would I have classified myself as an introvert.  I’m not even sure when the switch from extrovert to introvert occurred, but I don’t hate it.  In fact, a night to myself is one of my favorite things to do!

Below are my top 10 favorite things to do on a night by myself.

1…. Sweat pants or pajamas are a must!  Comfort is numero uno on a night alone.  I’ve had the best luck finding cute and comfy PJs at Target.

2…. Make dinner or pick up takeout from one of my favorite restaurants.  If I’m feeling extra productive, I’ll try a new recipe or make some sort of comfort food.  If I’m tired or not up for cooking, take out it is!

3…. Pour myself a glass of wine or make a yummy cocktail.  What is a night alone without this step?!  Gin and tonic with two limes is my signature cocktail.  Red wine is my choice in the fall and winter, white in the spring and summer months.

4…. Front porch sitting.  I’ve got two great porches for sitting and relaxing at my house.  On cool evenings, sitting outside for a bit is absolute perfection.

5…. Go for a walk.  This, again, goes back to how I’m feeling that day.  If I’ve got energy and feel like being outside, a short walk is very relaxing for me.

6…. Watch Netflix. Ooooon the other hand, if I don’t have much energy and am feeling extra lazy, binge watching Netflix is my go-to.

7…. Write.  Nights alone have been some of the best times for me to write.  There are typically no distractions so I’m able to focus.

8…. Read.  I love when I have some time to read for fun.  I read a lot for work, so nights alone are the perfect time for me to catch up on a book or some of my favorite blogs.

9…. Watch YouTube videos.  I’m a tutorial lover.  I love watching hair and makeup tutorials, as well as cooking videos.  If not tutorials, I search for really funny videos to get a good laugh.

10…. Treat myself to a face mask.  My favorite mask at the moment is the Clear Improvements Active Charcoal Mask by Origins.



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