Super Saturday

Happy Monday, peeps!  How was your weekend?  Friday after work, I picked up dinner for myself (frozen pizza and ice cream) and binged on Netflix for the entire evening.  I definitely made up for the laziness on Saturday because it was non-stop all day long.

I started the day with cleaning up the house a bit.  It got a little out of control from the work week, so it was much needed.  I also let the dogs play in the yard for a while before getting ready to head to my youngest brother’s birthday party.  Noah turned nine on September 1st, but since that same weekend was Labor Day Weekend, he opted to wait and have his party this past Saturday.



If you couldn’t tell by his attire and cake, he had a rodeo themed party.  Noah is ALL boy! He loves hunting, fishing, working outside, and helping dad with all the “manly” work.  Speaking of being manly, the best quote from the party was when Noah proclaimed that he was indeed a man now that he’s nine.  He said that when you’re eight, you’re just a boy, but once you turn nine, you’re a man.  Poor guy has no clue that as long as he lives, he will always be the baby to his big sister!  My step-mom made his cake.  She is very talented and makes all the family cakes!

After a few hours at the party and one wardrobe change later, it was time to drive to a friend’s wedding.  Phil wasn’t able to go with me, but several of my girlfriends came and it was so good to catch up with each other!  The bride, Baley (pictured below), has been with her new husband Josh for seven years.  It was due time for these two to tie the knot!


She looked stunning and the weather was just perfect for their outdoor ceremony.  Our friend Courtney, who is on the right in the picture above in the purple dress, is excepting a little girl this November!  This will be the first baby in our friend group so we are all more than excited to spoil the heck out of her!


A few of us stayed the night with Courtney and spent hours talking before hitting the road on Sunday morning.  I just love my friends.  It’s sad I don’t get to see them more often!

Besides being on the road most of the day, this past Saturday was full of lots of memories made!  I’m looking forward to heading to the beach this Thursday.  That said, posts may be limited this week as I try to get everything together for this mini vacation.


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