Friday Favorites


Hey, y’all!  Happy, happy Friday!  I’ve loved having a short week this week and am really looking forward to the weekend.  Hope you are, too!

Here’s a quick recap of happenings from this week:

1…. Mom had her gallbladder removed Wednesday and the doctor said the surgery went well.  I took the day off to drive her to and from surgery, and to help her out afterwards.  She said she was a little sore, but mostly tired from the anesthesia.  She slept most of the day once Phil and I got her back home, but said she was feeling much better when I checked on her yesterday.  She’d been having lots of issues with her stomach before the surgery.  The doctor said it was a good thing they got it out when they did, so as much as it stinks that she’ll have a small recovery process, in the long run she’ll be much better off!

2…. This weekend will be another busy one for me.  My youngest brother Noah turned nine last week and his party is tomorrow.  After that, I’m heading to another wedding.  Busy, busy, busy, but fun, fun, fun!

3…. I’m a little less than halfway through the book Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.  It’s a must-read! I hope to post about it once I’ve finished reading it.

4…. While reading Daring Greatly this week, I was introduced to researcher and professor, Dr. Kristin Neff who runs the Self-Compassion Research Lab at the University of Texas at Austin.  How cool is that job?!  The book also talks about Dr. Neff’s website.  On the site, there is research information, workshop and event schedules, meditation and self-compassion exercises, and even a self-compassion test.  I was pretty surprised by my results and how little self-compassion I have.  My scores were as follows:  self-kindness (2.00), self-judgment (4.00), common humanity (2.25), isolation (4.25), mindfulness (2.50), over-identification (4.25), and my overall score was 2.04.  Go check out the site and take the test to find out what these numbers mean!

I also saw that Dr. Neff and Brene teach an online course I’m seriously considering taking.  I’ll keep you posted!

5…. Two new posts went up this week! See the first one here and the second here.

6…. Phil and I are heading to the beach next weekend so there won’t be a Friday Favorites post.  Our four year anniversary was August 19, but we never really got to celebrate, so that’s what this trip will be.  A celebration of our four years together and our engagement!

Have a great weekend, everyone! Let me know what your plans are and your self-compassion test results in the comments below.  


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