Friday Favorites


Hello. Hola. Hey. Hi ya. Happy Friday. Happy long weekend. Yes. Yes. Yes.

This week has been a good one for several reasons:

1…. My friend Molly and I have been doing the 21 Day Fix together and haven’t missed a single workout!  Next week will be our final week.  We are both so pumped!

2…. My August Beauty Favorites post went up this week.  Go read it and share some of your personal favorites from this month.

3…. Mom and I are heading to Greenville, NC this weekend to watch my brother play football against East Carolina University.  My brother, Zach, plays football for Western Carolina University.  I dread the long drive, but look forward to spending time with mom, watching Zach play, and am very excited that football season has officially started!

4…. I got a promotion at work!  Need I say more?!

5…. The tiny town they are talking about in this article is where I live.  Read it and find out why I love my home so much.

Any plans for the long weekend?  I hope it’s fantastic!


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