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August Beauty Favorites

Another month has come and gone and with that comes another list of my top five products for the month.

I must say, as crazy as it is that this year is already half way over, I am so happy to see fall in our near future.  Fall in the mountains is simply stunning.  Cool weather, pumpkin anything, and sweaters are right up my ally.  That said, what do you guys want to see in posts for the coming season?  Fall fashion, makeup, recipes, adventures?  I’m open to suggestions.  Comment below and let me know!

April (1)

1….  Victoria’s Secret Vanilla Lace Mist – This is an oldie goldie.  I’m almost positive they don’t even sell it in stores anymore.  I’ve had this puppy tucked away in my bathroom cabinet for some time, and decided to pull it back out for old time’s sake.  It’s a refreshing, light bodied spray that is great for day-to-day wear.

2…. St. Ives 24 Hour Deep Restoring Body Lotion with Almond Oil – My grandmother has at least three bottles of this lotion in different places around her house.  I used some and immediately went and bought myself some.  I love this lotion because it smells and feels clean and fresh.

3….  Dove Advanced Care Deodorant in Original Clean – I have a bit of a sweating problem (I can’t believe I just admitted that online).  I’ve used so many different deodorants through the years, including mens.  While smelling like a man is very tempting (joking), I was pleased when I found a stronger deodorant that smelled great too.

4….  EXO Pure Remover in Lavender – Anyone else hate the smell of fingernail polish remover?  Goodness knows I do.  Once I use it, the smell lingers for hours even after washing my hands.  I discovered this remover in a Birchbox and love it! It’s all natural and smells amazing.

5….  amika Straight Up Smoothing Balm – Besides the fact that this product smells like heaven, it’s my go-to hair product.  It’s a soothing balm and a heat protectant in one.  I like to use it when I’m blow drying my hair straight or even when I’m letting it hair dry to help with frizz.

What were some of your favorite beauty products in August?


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