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Stitch Fix No. 1

Have you ever heard of Stitch Fix? Of course you have… everyone on Earth had heard of it except me apparently until a few weeks ago. All the girls in my office do it and peer pressured me into trying it out. Of course, it didn’t take much persuasion to get me to do something that involved shopping and clothes.

Stitch Fix is a personalized styling subscription service that sends you 5 hand-picked fashion items based on your style profile, including clothing, shoes, and accessories. There’s a $20 “styling fee” to participate that you can use toward your purchases. You also get an additional 25% off if you buy all 5 items. That said, if you don’t purchase anything in the box, you’re still out $20. So the way I see it, you might as well buy at least one item to get the most bang for your buck. Anything you don’t keep is sent back in a pre-paid shipping bag. I was pleasantly surprised by how simple they made the entire process.

You can sign up to have a box delivered every month, every other month, or every 2-3 weeks. I chose to do it every other month because, let’s get real, Lord knows I don’t need anymore clothes. My closet is overflowing as it is.

My first box was honestly just kind of disappointing. Nothing really stood out, and I didn’t feel like they sent me anything that I couldn’t find somewhere else for way cheaper. Here’s what I got, kept, and sent back. (Please excuse the picture quality. These were taken on my phone and the lighting wasn’t that great).

Stitch Fix

Kut From the Kloth Mollee Knit Dress ($88)

Stitch Fix assigns a personal stylist to each customer and you can send them a little note before each fix if you need something specific. For example, I told my stylist that I had a wedding coming up in June that I need a dress for.

This was one of the dresses my stylist sent me. It was very soft and would appear to be flattering at first glance. I’m sure this dress was designed to show off one’s curves; however, this really clung to mine and not in a good way.  I hate tight, unforgiving clothing so this was a no-go for me.

Verdict: Returned


41Hawthorn Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse ($48)

I absolutely loved this top, but there was a tiny little gap at my chest area between the buttons that I just couldn’t get down with. I can see why my stylist sent this. I liked the feel, color, and overall fit of the shirt, but if I’m going to pay $50 for a shirt, it has to fit correctly everywhere.

Verdict: Returned

green top

Pixley Mirado Lasercut Detail Blouse ($58)

This blouse is so fun. I’ve now worn it with boyfriend jeans and sandals, as well as dress pants and a blazer. I love how easy and breezy it is, as well as how well it transitions from day to night.

Verdict: Kept

blue top

blue top 2

Moon and Sky Neesha Lace Detail Knit Top ($48)

I really, really, really wanted this top to work out. When I saw it on the Stitch Fix app before it arrived, I just knew I would be keeping it. I loved the lace detail on the sleeves and back, the soft pink color, and how soft it felt. Unfortunately, it didn’t fit anything like I thought it would. I thought the material was going to be a soft cotton, but it was stretchy and spandex-like. Sadly, I sent this one back.

Verdict: Returned

pink top

pink top 2

41Hawthorn Arlinda Textured Dress ($68)

This dress was probably my least favorite item in the entire box. The colors, the pattern, everything was wrong for my taste.

Verdict: Returned

purple dress

So as you can see, I wasn’t super thrilled with my first Stitch Fix. I’m planning on doing it again in the month of July and I also requested to switch my stylist. Fingers crossed this go ’round is better!



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